Thursday, October 9, 2014, 17:29
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People who have accomplished much in their lives tend to be goal oriented. They have specific goals in mind, and then work very hard to reach them. Some goals are driven by selfish motives, but the goals of a Christian are different than others. When you surrender your dreams and goals to God, He will accomplish great things in you and through you. Before choosing your goal, ask for wisdom by praying, "Lord, is this the goal you have in mind for me? Is this the path you want me to go?" Choose the goal of living a "God-pleasing" life! It is only when you are following "God's Goals," that you will be truly happy and experience the abundant life God wants you to have. Ask Jesus for "Divine Appointments," for your day and then listen to the Holy Spirit's leading, as He guides and directs. You will experience incredible joy when you turn your life over to Him. Keep your eyes on the "Heavenly Goal," and receive the ultimate reward of eternal life with our Lord and Savior! Text: 1 Corin 2:9-10, Jer 29:11, 2 Corin 5:9
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